Experimental 8mm film  |  IMDb
An acid western / low fantasy / horror film about a few twisted characters who, beyond their knowing, have stepped out of society into a sub-hallucinogenic alternate realm. In this strange land, a godforsaken housewife attempts to woo her dull lover, a deranged spell-casting genie wreaks havoc, and an alluring alien haunts a woman's nightmares. 

Directors/Writers: Angela Chen & Hillary Andujar
Producers: Angela Chen, Hillary Andujar, Andy Hoffman
Cinematographer: Andy Hoffman
Designer: Hillary Andujar
Editor: Winnie Cheung
Sound Designer: Dan Rosato
Music by: Gustav Baller, Uriah Findley, Lauren Gurgiolo, Mark Sanders
Titles by: Courtney Andujar

Official Selection:
New Filmmakers LA - Mixed Media Finalist
Post Mortem International Horror & Bizarre Short Film Fest
Roxie Mixtape Vol. 3

Shot on 8mm film in Joshua Tree, CA.